Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unknown Wishes

Thoughts swirl around in my head
as I finally succumb to the task of sleep
I swiftly, silently, surely, submissively
drift into the land of unknown dreams.

Moving through thick, slicing darkness,
finding the meaning of something I wish
or something I saw once upon a time in a
dream, or maybe reality, all is the same here.

Vivid images pass before my eyes,
sounds invade my ears, but are not unwelcome.
My fingers dance across the keys of a piano,
playing with more skill than I've ever had.

Chords of another instrument in the other room,
the noise fades in and out like an over-used record,
but rings with clarity when it is heard, beautiful,
full of life and something more, unknown but wanted.

People surround me, I know their faces, but forget all names,
my friends brought to life below the surface of
consciousness, my feet move me forward again, my toes
lingering on the threshold of the next moment.

The unknown becomes known on the stardream night,
or is hidden still in the sunbeam shadows of day
as I jerk awake, facing the harsh light of morning.

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