Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Me That Once Was

When I see people I used to know,
I miss the me I once upon a time was,
The me that was little, me that was funnier than you,
Gap-toothed, nerdy, and bookish elementary schooler,
Befriender and happy-maker, slapper and smiler,
Crazier than anyone outside could ever imagine,
Super-swinkler and sometimes crinkler,
Loud me, quiet me, reading in every class,
Running races in short-shorts and tank top,
Getting myself lost on the easiest course,
Improving myself by making cookies,
Both eater and baker for people I love,
Potted-plant syndrome sufferer while
I heard all the secrets no one thinks I know,
Knower and listener to the unfortunater,
Slowest runner on the team, a watcher of
No scary movies at all, never ever,
Speediest talker, four conversations at once,
Confusing boys who can't process that fast,
Young street croseer, rider of the public
Buses and trains, pretending to own a phone.

Flirting with boys, falling when I see them,
Popular, confused, laughing and gigglingest of all,
Dancing for hours at a time on New Years
And by myself in my room, looking like an idiot,
Buying cookies and soda to entertain
Myself at oh-so-boring football games, but
Wanting to be there for the funniest
Times in my life, humorous laugher-wither,
Not ever a laugher-atter,
Hater of cursive and science classes,
Taker of hotel lotions and soaps,
Obsessive teeth-and-braces brusher,
Keeper of secret messages, teller of
No one's secrets, eating limitless quantities of
Chocolate to make my life as better as it could be,
Defender of the silent and shy,
Teller of my older sister's bestest jokes,
Long-haired, short-tempered school-switcher,
Filler of water bottles with tissues,
Cynical me, cereal eating me,
Seeing the possibilities up ahead, looking forward.

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